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The Rocketniche

...a little niche on the web for fans of Team Rocket.

Welcome to the Rocketniche!
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The Rocketniche is a friends-locked community for discussion of Team Rocket -- don't worry, we're friendly*, we just like to know who's joining. :) (We also like to keep the tawdry, indecent and in general seriously wrong discussions we get up to shielded from innocent eyes... ;) To join, click the link above, then post your application in the application thread on the main page. The things we'd like to know are:

1) What kind of shipper are you, when it comes to Team Rocket? (queershipper, rocketshipper, non-shipper, etc...? The Rocketniche is primarily a queershipping community, but other shippers are welcome to join provided they're queershipper-tolerant or friendly)

2) How did you find us?

3) Do we know you from somewhere else? If so, what was your username?

4) Why do you want to join the group?

5) Why do you like Team Rocket? ^^ Tell us a little about your personal fan experience.

Bonus Question #6) Just how much does The Rocketeer rock? Muhahahahaha, I love abusing my power! >;D

There, that wasn't so scary, was it? ^^ You don't have to fill out the whole application if we already know you well from somewhere else, like TRHQ or where-ever. Though you still can if you really, really want to. ^^; Who knows, you might like filling out applications... ._.

* You know, friendly like Team Rocket is friendly. :P Just don't try to pull a Bisashu...


...and you should be fine.

** Now officially Non-Approved-Of by Fandom_Wank! (okay, well, i_wank, but still, that's close enough, right?) We r teh (semi-)infamous, yo.