teh_rocketeer (teh_rocketeer) wrote in rocketniche,

I Have TR Icons II

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blackjackrocket wrote:

>Talk about off-topic. What does my not being a troll have to do with why people won't join your community?

Because your argument for why people will not want to join my community seems to revolve largely around the fact that I banned you, and that people at i_wank are saying I'm insane. However, my argument is that I banned you for acting like a troll, and that your postings at i_wank partially reveal tendencies towards trollishness. Faced with trollish behaviour, I don't think a good banning is really that batshit insane after all.

The fact that you continue to come here ad nauseam, insult me and my community, and attempt to move the argument away from the subject of whether or not you are trolling further verifies my point.

If the people at i_wank declared me incontrovertibly insane some forty-odd posts ago, why do you feel the need to keep coming here and arguing with me?

Are you trying to make it stick?
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